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Harry Potter
Harry Potter

Case Study

Client: Lucinda Whittle, Filmscapes

Project: All Harry Potter Films

Date: Various

Size: 50m² to 3000m²

The soil-free turf lends itself to shows and film sets, as it is relatively light, clean and easy to use. As a result both, Wildflower Turf and Coronet Turf have been used on every Harry Potter film that has been made! It has been used for two Quidditch Pitches, under the Whomping Willow and around Hagrids Hut to name just a few!

The producers are reluctant to release any photos of the film sets and the closest we get is when a lorry driver returns for another load and says that he saw Hagrid! However the two pictures attached are from the actual film set - believe it or not!

"We have used the turf for many years now and are pleased with its quality and its versatility. We also get great service, often at very short notice!" - Lucinda Whittle

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