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Nothe Fort, Weymouth
Nothe Fort, Weymouth
Nothe Fort, Weymouth

Case Study

Client: Maccaferi Ltd

Project: Nothe Fort, Weymouth

Date: May/June 2005 & April 2006

Size: 1,810m²

The re-profiling of the seaward ramparts of the Napoleonic Fort known as Nothe Fort at the entrance to Weymouth Harbour, Dorset was part of a large refurbishment project commissioned by Weymouth Civic Society.

The Wildflower Turf, specially grown to preselected seed mix defined by Maccafferi's Erosion & Ecology Specialist, also needed to be strengthened using Enkazon a reinforcement material that would complement the newly re-profiled ramparts.

The wildflower turf was lifted and delivered as "big rolls" measuring 2m x 20m to R G Spiller (Building Contractors). The Wildflower Turf was rolled onto a large boom that was hung by chains from a special plant that carefully lifted the rolls to enable to contractors to lay the turf on the ramparts.

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