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2012 Olympics Facts and Figures

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Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony

  • 3,760m² Close cut wildflower lawn for athletes standing area.
  • 2,400m² Wildflower Turf for the Tor.
  • 1,420m² 'Sheep pasture'.
  • 400m² 'Cow pasture'.
  • 380m² 'Small holding meadow'.
  • 800m² 'Headland meadow'.
  • 1,740m² '2ft flowing meadow'.
  • 420m² 'Cricket pitch'.

Supplied to and installed by Filmscapes Ltd for Danny Boyle (JH-B met him and his creative team in 2011 to discuss the possibilities of Wildflower Turf at the event).

This list was grown for Filmscapes and is more than is being used in the Opening Ceremony as a large amount of it was needed for the rehearsals leading up to the event. Not included in this list was a small amount used in August 2012 during 'feasibility trials'.

Athlete's Village - Bank landscaping

Stratford Greens and Gardens, Athletes Village

  • 4,340m² Wildflower Meadow Turf.
  • 2400m² Bespoke grown 'Woodland and Shade' Wildflower Turf.
  • 704m² 'Marshy Grassland' bespoke grown Wildflower Turf.
  • 1,660m² bespoke grown 'Species Rich Lawn Turf'.
  • 350m² Eventing Cross Country Course Water Jump, Greenwich Park – Perennial and Annual Wildflower Turf, bespoke grown, supplied to and installed by London Eventing.
Greenwich Eventing

Other Sites Supplied

  • 920m² Chobham Academy Roof – Athletes Village Wildflower Roof Turf. Supplied to roofing company.
  • 1,440m² Athletes Village Wildflower Turf for landscaping near Chobham Academy. Supplied to and installed by The Landscape Group.
  • 660m² Athletes Village Wildflower Turf for landscaping near Chobham Academy. Supplied to and installed by Gavin Jones Ltd.
  • 700m² Green Park Tube Station Bespoke Grown ‘Conservation Grassland’ Turf. Supplied to Tube Lines Ltd and installed by Frosts Landscapes.
  • 7,600m² Marsh Lane, Stratford, as part of access improvement for the Paralympic Games – supplied to and installed by English Landscapes Ltd.
  • 47,000m² Post Olympic Transformation Works for the 'Queen Elizabeth Park' - two types of bespoke grown Wildflower Turf for installation spring 2013. This is for reinstatement works after the removal of certain buildings etc. We believe some of it will be used to replace some of the areas that are currently annual plants in order to cut down on maintenance and to introduce native species.

In addition other post games areas are being grown to supplement areas in and around the site including a shade tolerant mix for the 'Athletes Village' area and some bespoke grown 'Bioswale' turf.

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