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Bidimat Turf

About the Product

Bidimat Turf is custom grown to order and incorporates Bidim, a non-woven, needle punched polyfelt blanket. Its 8kN/m² strength protects the roots of the plant within the turf and the soil profile, against washing and mechanical damage.

The roots of the grass grow through the Bidim as the turf develops, to produce a turf mat where the Bidim is fully incorporated. This very tough product can help in areas prone to vandalism as it offers a tear proof mat.

Key Product Points

  • Incorporates Bidim erosion control blanket
  • Instant soil stabilisation
  • Hard Wearing
  • Tear proof
  • 8kN/m² strength
  • 400m² minimum order

Typical Applications:

  • River banks
  • Parks
  • Overspill car parks
  • Bioswales
Bidimat Turf Bidimat Turf Bidimat Turf Bidimat Turf Bidimat Turf Bidimat Turf
Images above are of varying age, taken at different times of year, reflect local site/ground conditions and historical maintenance regimes.
To specify product please use the following:

Product Code: Bidimat



Dependent on seed mix.

Watering: For the first few weeks to prevent turf from drying out.

Product Weight

Typical weight per large roll: 750-900kgs

Width & Length

2 x 20m (40m²) large rolls

All dimensions are approximate.


To suit clients requirements.


Non-woven needle punched polyfelt fabric.

Min / Max Established Height

Dependent on client requirements

Heights subject to seasonal variations.


Delivery Method Roll sizes m² Per Pallet
Bespoke - Haulier 2m x 20m 40m
Collection Optional -
For saturated / mature turf reduce pallet volume by 20m².
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