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Wildflower Bespoke Turf

About the Product

Wildflower Turf Ltd uses its unique ‘soil-less’ system to produce turf that is grown to order. The customer chooses their own seed mix (seeds can be supplied by the customer) and within 12 weeks (depending on time of season), the bespoke turf is ready for delivery. Wildflower Turf Ltd uses its extensive experience to work closely with the customer to ensure a suitable mix is chosen to provide the required results.

Key Product Points

  • Grown to order
  • Wildflower Turf grown to order
  • Minimum 400m² order size

Typical Applications:

  • Gardens
  • Geographical region requiring a native, local provenance mix
  • Aesthetic appeal – specific colours
  • Regulatory requirements (e.g. BREEAM)
  • Wet, dry, shaded or site specific requirements e.g. soil type.
Bespoke Turf Bespoke Turf Bespoke Turf Bespoke Turf Bespoke Turf Bespoke Turf
Images above are of varying age, taken at different times of year, reflect local site/ground conditions and historical maintenance regimes.
To specify product please use the following:

Product Code: WFT-Bespoke


Seed Mix & Maintenance

Seed mix: Specified by the customer

Maintenance: Dependent on mix

Product Weight

Typical Dry per m²: 18kg

Typical Saturated per m²: 22kg

Width & Length

Turf size: 0.64 x 1 (0.64m²).

Arrives slabbed stacked flat on a pallet.

All dimensions are approximate.

Min / Max Established Height

Dependent on mix

Heights subject to seasonal variations.


Delivery Method Pallet Size m² Per Pallet
Bespoke - Haulier 1.5m x 1.2m 80m
Courier 1m x 1.2m 50m
Collection Optional -
For saturated / mature turf reduce pallet volume by 20m².
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