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Wildflower Show Turf

About the Product

Based on the core product, Wildflower Turf Ltd has developed a lightweight and strong Wildflower Turf for use in the entertainment and events industry. This turf is available in a range of heights and can be supplied rolled or unrolled (to maintain product integrity).

  • A mature Wildflower Turf with a strong, robust root mass for clean, easy handling.
  • Supplied rolled or unrolled.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor venues or special occasion events.
  • Adaptable to suit customer requirement.

Typical Applications:

  • Filmsets
  • Gardening shows
  • Theatre productions
  • Weddings, parties and special occasion events
Wildflower Show Turf Wildflower Show Turf Wildflower Show Turf Wildflower Show Turf Wildflower Show Turf Wildflower Show Turf Wildflower Show Turf Wildflower Show Turf
Images above are of varying age, taken at different times of year, reflect local site/ground conditions and historical maintenance regimes.
To specify product please use the following:

Product Code: WFT-Show

Species Mix

Species mix will be dependent on the Show Turf beds allocated in each annual growing season. Contact the Wildflower Turf team to find out more.



Occasional watering.
Natural light where possible.

Product Weight

Typical per m²: 18kg

Width & Length

Turf size: 0.64 x 1 (0.64m²).

Arrives slabbed stacked flat on a pallet.

Sizes cut to order

Flat and unrolled available

All dimensions are approximate.

Min / Max Established Height

Min: 2cm

Max: 75cm

Heights subject to seasonal variations.


Delivery Method Pallet Size m² Per Pallet
Bespoke - Haulier 1.5m x 1.2m 80m
Courier 1m x 1.2m 50m
Collection Optional -
For saturated / mature turf reduce pallet volume by 20m².
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