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We offer a variety of wildflower solutions – seeds, pre-grown Wildflower Turf®, and convenient Meadow in a Bag options, giving you the flexibility to choose an installation method based on your budget and schedule.

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Wildflower Installation Options

Product comparison
MeadowSow™ Premium SeedMeadowscape Pro™Wildflower Turf®
Product descriptionUK native species, grown and harvested in Hampshire, UK. With a 96% purity rate and over 60% average germination rates.

Available in single and mixed species.

This ‘meadow in a bag’ product is a pre-seeded growing medium containing purity tested seed. Peat and plastic free. Exceptionally high germination rates compared to seeding.

Available in various wildflower mixes

Originally innovated by Wildflower Turf Ltd. Our Wildflower Turf® is laid on degradable plant based bio-netting, providing instant green cover and flowers within weeks (depending on install month).

Available in various wildflower mixes.

Timeframe to become full flowering meadow2 – 5 years3 – 12 months (depending on month of installation)2 – 3 months
When can it be installed?April – SeptemberMarch – OctoberAll year round
Preparation requiredMedium

Clear area of surface vegetation, cultivate to a fine tilth of 100mm in depth, sow and roll in the seed.


Clear area of surface vegetation or complete a light turf cut and remove cuttings (but do NOT disturb the weed bank). Meadowscape Pro™ to be laid to a depth of 25mm.


Clear area of surface vegetation, rotovate to a depth of 100mm, clear large stones, leave as fine tilth ready for the turf to be laid.

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