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We were delighted to see our Overton headquarters featured on BBC1’s prime-time Escape to the Country when Hawk Conservancy Trust biologist, Dr Matt Stevens, explained the importance of native long grasses in providing the right habitat for small mammals which are a food source for birds of prey.

The show’s presenter Sonali Shah interviewed Matt, who manages the Hawk Conservancy Turst’s Raptor Nest Box Project which includes the monitoring of barn owls living in one of our large outbuildings.

Two baby owlets have been hatched in the nesting box which Matt installed for breeding barn owls more than 10 years ago. As he weighed and ringed (tagged) the young birds, Matt explained how patches of rough grassland harbour small mammals such as voles, which form the most important prey for barn owls.

“If the right habitat is available for the small mammals that barn owls feed on, there is a much better chance of the owls nesting successfully and the species will thrive”. The owner of Wildflower Turf is a big supporter of the Hawk Conservancy Trust’s work and this programme is making a huge impact to conserve endangered bird species in the Hampshire countryside

“At home, you can do your bit to…

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Garden design and landscaping experts Graduate Gardeners celebrated 50 years’ success with a triple win at RHS Malvern Spring Festival. 

Designer Mark Draper’s golden anniversary showpiece, The Cotswold Garden scooped the board – winning a Gold Medal, Best in Show and Best Construction awards. 

Our Wildflower Turf® Landscape-34 mix was used to stunning effect to create an idyllic Cotswold meadow, complete with bridge and stream, overlooking the impressive garden designed for family and friends to relax in and enjoy. 

Inspired by beautiful Cotswold gardens and landscapes, The Cotswold Garden featured a seamless flow of three distinct areas – from the functional dining space, into the serene lounge area and over a fence, into the wildflower meadow. It was built in a space measuring 17m x 7m, with the majestic Malvern Hills in the background. 

Our Landscape-34 wildflower mix is sown with a mixture of thirty-four wildflower varieties, with the Ragged Robin in full bloom at the show, and Ox Eye Daisies and Campion breaking open. From the garden’s ornate rusted gate, a mown path led to…

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Award-winning Wildflower Turf Ltd is ‘embracing nature’ by sponsoring a show garden at next month’s BBC Gardeners’ World Live.  

The Hampshire-based wildflower meadow specialists are supporting the Nature’s Embrace garden at the show, to be held at the NEC Birmingham from 13 to 16 June.  

Becky Sibley, Director of Wild Thyme Designs, has created the garden to demonstrate the potential of small garden spaces and how they can be used as catalysts for building a sense of community.  

The Nature’s Embrace garden has been designed to nurture a child’s love for nature through curiosity and imagination during play. Wildflower Turf Ltd is supplying its Native Enriched Wildflower Turf® to create a space that will encourage children to go on an adventure. It includes a den, wooden beams and a tunnel, set amongst trees and wildflowers. Native Enriched Wildflower Turf® includes Vipers Burgloss, Betony and Lady’s Bedstraw. 


Becky said: “Having Wildflower Turf Ltd as a sponsor is a great match. The Native Enriched Wildflower Turf® allowed me to create the perfect setting for the Nature’s Embrace garden. 

“Embracing nature at an early age brings a deeper…

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The Chelsea Chop is a maintenance cut named after the illustrious RHS Chelsea Flower Show that takes place in late May. This maintenance technique promises to transform your wildflower space into a haven of vibrant blooms and lush greenery.


Why Consider a Chelsea Chop?

There are two main benefits:
• Species rebalance. If a particular wildflower or grass species is dominating the space, a Chelsea Chop can reset the flowering life cycle of that species. The cut opens the sward of the wildflower space, allowing sunlight and rain to reach shorter and over shadowed wildflowers species, it will also help to deplete unwanted fertility in that area. This helps to rebalance the variety in your sward.
• Extended bloom time: The Chelsea Chop encourages compact, fresh growth. This results in a prolonged flowering season, typically well into late September and even, October compared to the usual late August.

The Chelsea Chop is an optional but proactive maintenance cut, that promotes healthier growth and a longer-lasting display of colour. If you are happy with the balance of your wildflower space, this cut is not necessary.


When to Chop: The “Year of the Grasses”

Typically, the Chelsea Chop is done in late May/early June, however, weather conditions can…

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Award-winning biodiversity experts Wildflower Turf Ltd hopes to ‘bee’ the difference that will make the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s wildlife-friendly garden a winner at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. 

The Hampshire-based wildflower meadow specialists are sponsoring the Bumblebee charity’s exhibit ‘Diversity Is Queen’ at the prestigious show, from May 21 to 25.  

The educational garden, to be based in the Discovery area of Chelsea’s Great Pavilion, will highlight the value of diversity in nature and the importance of creating habitats that will protect the UK’s 24 species of bumblebees from further decline. 

This is the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s third year at Chelsea, having won Silver and Silver Gilt, and this year’s exhibit will be its most ambitious garden yet. 

Designed by Bumblebee Conservation Trust, it is divided into four key areas to showcase some rare species of bumblebees in a range of landscapes and demonstrating the work of the Trust. 


An artist’s impression of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s ‘Diversity is Queen’ exhibit for RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024

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We’re pleased to announce that Wildflower Turf Ltd has been shortlisted for the ‘Rural Business of the Year’ award at the Basingstoke Inspire Awards.  

This nomination is particularly meaningful to us as it highlights our dedication to enhancing the rural economy in Hampshire and beyond. 

At Wildflower Turf Ltd, we’re committed to nurturing the rural economy, from providing employment opportunities to fostering healthier ecosystems that benefit agriculture and local communities. 

Our efforts in developing biodiverse, sustainable and high-quality products contribute to the vitality of both rural and urban areas, supporting not just the environment but also the economic well-being of our region. 

James Hewetson-Brown, Wildflower Turf Ltd Managing Director said: “Being recognised for our contributions to the rural economy validates our belief that businesses can thrive while making a positive impact on their surroundings. We’re inspired to continue our work, pushing for innovation and sustainability that benefits everyone, from local farmers to the wider community in Hampshire and beyond. We’re excited about the future and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the thriving rural economy.” 

You can find out more about the INSPIRE…

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Wildflower meadows carry a magical allure – with vibrant flowers swaying in the breeze and teeming wildlife, including bees and butterflies, enhancing biodiversity.

But while many have admired them and considered introducing a wildflower space on their own landscape projects, many have been discouraged by the time and effort traditional methods of sowing seed demands.

We’re thrilled to offer a unique and viable alternative – Meadowscape Pro™ This revolutionary soil-free wildflower growing medium will transform your landscaping experience. It’s the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

Meadowscape Pro™ is a groundbreaking wildflower installation option, formulated through years of scientific research and development. This blend of premium-quality materials isn’t just soil – it’s a carefully balanced mixture enriched with nutrients, beneficial micro-organisms, and moisture-retaining compounds. What truly sets Meadowscape Pro™ apart is its ability to provide the perfect environment for seeds to germinate and accelerate the growing process.

We have developed this innovative product to go beyond traditional turf and seed mixes. Gone is the only option to scatter seeds and cross your fingers. Meadowscape Pro™ introduces a scientific approach to the equation, revolutionising the timescales for meadow establishment.

Our superlative Meadowscape Pro™ offers unmatched efficiency and effectiveness in…

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What is No Mow May?  

No Mow May is a movement that encourages people and organisations such as councils to let grassed areas to grow long/wild to help boost biodiversity. This simple act of not mowing your lawn for one month can have a positive impact on the environment and your local ecosystem. In this article, we will explore the benefits of No Mow May. 

According to Plantlife, we’ve lost approximately 97% of flower-rich meadows since the 1930s . This has depleted vital food sources and with needed by pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. 

Why is it important? 

No Mow May is a small commitment with a big impact.  

Plantlife reports that the UK’s lawns undergo 30 million mowings annually if maintained on a weekly basis. This frequent upkeep translates to a consumption of 45 million litres of petrol, contributing to approximately 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year. To put it into perspective, this emission output mirrors the combined carbon footprint of roughly 10,000 average households. 

By allowing lawns or grassy areas to flourish with wildflowers, you’re not only providing support for wildlife but also helping…

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Soil is often seen as ‘just dirt’ with no visible life within it. But when you look deeper into it, you realise how interesting and amazing soil life really is.  

One mind-blowing fact from a recent study suggests that more than half of life on Earth dwells within our soil, making it the most biodiverse habitat on the planet.  

This includes around 2 million species of arthropod, such as mites and springtails and 6,000 species of worm. Add to that the 430 million species of bacteria and 5.6 million species of fungi which make soil their home and you’ll begin to understand what’s really going on underneath our feet! 

You can find out more in this fascinating article: (More than half of life on Earth is found in soil – here’s why that’s important ( 

That research makes soil more biodiverse than the Amazon rainforest. And that’s any soil, we’re not just talking about tropical rainforest soil, even your back garden soil can be full of tiny life.  

Really interesting creatures like pseudoscorpions, tiny aggressive predators, and springtails, which live up to their name by being able to launch…

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Wildflower Turf Ltd is proud to announce its shortlisting for the “Supplier and Service Provider” award at the ProLandscaper Business Awards 2024. 

At Wildflower Turf Ltd, we prioritise the quality of our offerings. Our consistent focus on delivering top-tier services and products has been a fundamental aspect of our approach. We understand that quality extends beyond the final product to encompass the entire process of creation. 

Central to our identity are the strong relationships we have built with our clients, partners, and team members. These relationships form the foundation of our business, supporting our resilience and growth. The nomination for this award reinforces the importance of these connections and motivates us to further strengthen them. 

“Our people are crucial to our success. We have created a culture where every team member feels valued, supported, and empowered to excel. This nomination underscores our commitment to their…

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