BBC’s barn owl spotlight is a feather in the cap for Wildflower Turf Ltd

We were delighted to see our Overton headquarters featured on BBC1’s prime-time Escape to the Country when Hawk Conservancy Trust biologist, Dr Matt Stevens, explained the importance of native long grasses in providing the right habitat for small mammals which are a food source for birds of prey.

The show’s presenter Sonali Shah interviewed Matt, who manages the Hawk Conservancy Turst’s Raptor Nest Box Project which includes the monitoring of barn owls living in one of our large outbuildings.

Two baby owlets have been hatched in the nesting box which Matt installed for breeding barn owls more than 10 years ago. As he weighed and ringed (tagged) the young birds, Matt explained how patches of rough grassland harbour small mammals such as voles, which form the most important prey for barn owls.

“If the right habitat is available for the small mammals that barn owls feed on, there is a much better chance of the owls nesting successfully and the species will thrive”. The owner of Wildflower Turf is a big supporter of the Hawk Conservancy Trust’s work and this programme is making a huge impact to conserve endangered bird species in the Hampshire countryside

“At home, you can do your bit to safeguard our endangered species too – leave some areas of long grasses untouched and don’t cut back the hedges until all the berries have been taken by the birds in the winter months.”

Our MD at Wildflower Turf Ltd, James Hewetson-Brown, said: “We love working with Matt at the Hawk Conservancy Trust and were delighted to see his conservation project at our Overton farm featured on the BBC’s popular Escape to the Country”.

“We recognise the importance of protecting our native birds of prey and believe our wildflower habitat makes a positive and sustainable impact. Everyone here at Wildflower Turf is excited about our barn owls being part of the Raptor Nest Box Project, putting us at the heart of a thriving rural economy.”

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