Secure Banks & Loose Soil

Client: Maccaferi Ltd

Project: Nothe Fort, Weymouth

Date: May/June 2005 & April 2006

Size: 1,810m²

The re-profiling of the seaward ramparts of the Napoleonic Fort known as Nothe Fort at the entrance to Weymouth Harbour, Dorset was part of a large refurbishment project commissioned by Weymouth Civic…

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Client: UPM Tilhill

Project: Jubilee River Embankment

Date: November 2004

Size: 4,860m²

UPM Tilhill contacted us to fulfil their remit to strengthen the Jubilee River Bank, near Windsor Castle following damage caused by flood waters of January 2003.

The Wildflower Turf was grown, to incorporate Enkazon, a reinforcing…

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