Native Enriched

An enhanced wildflower turf product that has more colour and interest.

Wildflower Native Enriched Turf has been developed by the company to provide an enhanced wildflower turf product that has a little more colour and interest than the Landscape turf, created by the addition of naturalised species to the existing list of native species.

This turf creates a more ‘cottage garden’ look and feel but will naturalise over time. This turf is made up of approximately 33 UK native wildflowers and approximately 20+ naturalised annual and perennial species.  Ratio is 85% Flora, 15% non-invasive grasses.

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Key Product Points

  • A mixture of both UK native and naturalised species suitable for a range of soil types.
  • Shade and drought tolerant.
  • Low Maintenance – one to two cuts a year.

Typical Applications:

  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Municipal areas
  • Private grounds and estates
  • Verges and roundabouts

View our Time Lapse Video below to see how the turf evolves after installing.

Wildflower meadow for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Blog: Wildflower Turf Ltd blooms in Graduate Gardeners’ 50th anniversary garden for a triple win at Malvern

Garden design and landscaping experts Graduate Gardeners celebrated 50 years’ success with a triple win at RHS Malvern Spring Festival. 

Designer Mark Draper’s golden anniversary showpiece, The Cotswold Garden scooped the board – winning a Gold Medal, Best in Show and Best Construction awards. 

Our Wildflower Turf® Landscape-34 mix was used to stunning effect to create an idyllic Cotswold meadow, complete with bridge and stream, overlooking…

Species Mix

Species list of wildflowers within this unique product is available on request.


We have a structured range of prices for both retail and trade enquiries based on the type of product and quantity. Please contact us for a quotation.


Wildflower Turf Finisher

Wildflower Turf Finisher has been developed to deliver the highest possible standard of finish to an area of Wildflower Turf®.

This product has been developed as a result of feedback from established landscape contractors looking for a complementary product that helps deliver a cost effective top quality finish to newly-laid areas of Wildflower Turf®.


Bees & Butterflies Summer Scatter Mix

This colourful bulb mix works beautifully with both the more subtle native wildflower Landscape 34 turf and the more colourful Native Enriched Turf.

The bulbs have been selected specifically for their appeal to both bees and butterflies and is a wonderful top up within a wildflower nectar bar during the summer months.

This selection of bulbs starts to flower in May through to August and all will grow to a substantial height that sees their flowers at the same level or slightly above the main flowering layer of the turf at that time. The tall straight stems provide an interesting structural perspective against the more wispy nature of the wildflowers and provides a lovely design juxtaposition for artistic landscapes. This selection of bulbs will also work in conjunction with the Spring scatter mixes and ideally you could lay both types together for a succession of structure and colour.



Naturalising Spring Scatter Mix

This mix has been specifically chosen to mirror the classic naturalised spring bulbs that are seen up and down the country.

With a mix of scilla, chionodoxa, fritillary and narcissi, the colour palette is ‘Cool Spring’, with a mix of creams, pale blues and purples and works particularly well with our Landscape Turf and Shade Tolerant Turf. The bulbs will provide flowers from February to late April and are suitable for sunny and part shade areas.


Private: Pastel Spring Mix

With the success of our shade tolerant turf we are pleased to be able to provide a naturalising selection of spring bulbs that will thrive in shaded meadows as well as in full sun.

The colour palette is describe as cool spring, with pale blues, whites and lemons. The mix of bulbs has been chosen to grow at a low level, flowering from February to May, ending as the wildflowers take over. Planting in clumps rather than evenly dispersed will provide a natural spring woodland look.


Vibrant Spring Scatter Mix

This mix has been specifically chosen for the fabulous colour combination to bring wildflower borders to life earlier in the year.

We believe this mix will be particularly useful if you are creating an area that frames a lawn or is in an area of public use. This lovely selection of bulbs has been chosen with consideration to their height, colour and flowering time to provide impact and drama and are a perfect accompaniment to our Wildflower Landscape Turf and Native Enriched Turf. Tulips, narcissi and crocus are bold choices but never disappoint with their instant cheer.


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