Mayfield Park, Manchester

Manchester’s first city-centre public park in 100 years prioritises biodiversity

Mayfield park planting. Photo credit: Studio Egret West

The Brief:

As part of the UK Government’s initiative to refurbish parks in areas of the country with the lowest access to green space, the former industrial area of Mayfield in Manchester was redeveloped in an ambitious project across 2021 and 2022.

Alongside an urban square, open greens for lawn sport and informal play, adventure play areas, and floodable meadows, the design of Mayfield Park saw wildflowers feature prominently.

Wildflower Turf Ltd were approached by contractors PP O’Connor to assist with the creation of biodiverse, ecological areas that would help the development to create harmonious spaces that would allow both people and wildlife to thrive.


Mayfield Park, Greater Manchester. Photo credit: Studio Egret West


The Work:

Previously one of the most heavily industrialised locations in the world, the Mayfield Park initiative has seen the formally derelict site repurposed into 6.5 acres of parkland with sustainable ecology at its core.

Wildflower Turf Ltd provided 3,000m² of bespoke Wildflower Turf® to contractors PP O’Connor in May of 2022, with turf shipment dates specified in line with tight deadlines.

Three different types of bespoke turf were developed, grown and supplied to the project by Wildflower Turf Ltd, with the turf laid in close proximity to the rejuvenated River Medlock that winds its way through the locale.

The sympathetic development of the site has presented the opportunity to naturally restore the river, with an emphasis on utilising landscaping to mitigate pollution and sediment in run-off to improve biodiversity.

As well as promoting health and wellbeing, our contribution to this fascinating project also feeds Manchester’s wider commitment to develop a comprehensive Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy that will see high quality natural spaces form integral parts of all city neighbourhoods.


Mayfield Park Play Yard. Photo credit: Studio Egret West

The Results:

The ‘nature-first’ design of Mayfield Park has seen the opening up of the River Medlock creating new riverside habitats and providing a flood plain that can accommodate climate-change scenarios.

The bespoke blends of Wildflower Turf® provide a beautiful and biodiverse habitat that has helped to dramatically reclaim and regenerate the former site of heavy industry.

Pollinator-friendly and quick to establish, the wildflower space at Mayfield Park is over double that of the traditional lawn that has been installed across the site, dramatically improving sustainability and prioritising Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG).

Alongside the substantial wildflower meadows supplied by Wildflower Turf Ltd, Mayfield Park’s landscaping also boasts 120,000 plants, 140 trees spread across 58 species and 230 square metres of rain gardens.

This landmark regeneration project actively promotes the health and wellbeing of both people and planet and Wildflower Turf Ltd was delighted to provide wildflower infrastructure that has restored the landscape and will continue to provide biodiverse benefits year after year.

Mayfield Park opened to the public in September 2022.


Wildflower Turf – Bespoke mix. Mayfield Park, Manchester 2022. Photo credit: Studio Egret West