From untamed to unbelievable, a Hampshire-based couple have transformed their outdoor space

From untamed to unbelievable, a Hampshire-based couple have transformed their outdoor space.

Our story begins in the small village of Smannell, close to Andover in Hampshire.

The site of four farm cottages that were reconfigured in the 1960’s, residents Glynis and Dave moved into their current home 20 years ago. However, with the prospect of elderly family members joining them, the couple needed to add some additional space. With some design tweaks added into the mix the house has recently been further enhanced by a rear extension.

The renovation project in 2021 also provided a great opportunity for Glynis and Dave to rethink their grounds. With a prominent mound of earth left over from the building of a swimming pool, and with the extension in place but leaving a messy outlook behind, it was time for Glynis and Dave to take back their outdoor space and reclaim it as their own.

Meadow House Smannell

With very poor soil in evidence, an initial attempt to seed grass was a failure. However, Glynis was determined to revamp the area and, following some research, she decided that wildflowers would be the way forward. Having discovered that Wildflower Turf Ltd was Hampshire-based, Glynis was further delighted to discover that one of our team members happened to live in the same village! Following a consultation with our intrepid Office Manager, it was decided that a combination of Wildflower Turf® and bulbs would provide Glynis and Dave with the abundance of colour and biodiversity they were looking for.

Meadow House Smannell

Alongside poor soil, the laying area was also filled with flint. The couple invested in a rotavator and began the task of removing as many flintstones as they could, collecting the rubble as they went. Having rotavated to depth (and with their rotavator now looking somewhat worse for wear), Glynis and Dave set about installing the Wildflower Turf® and bulbs themselves. The month of September 2021 saw approximately 150m² of Wildflower Turf® Native Enriched laid, in conjunction with a selection of our wildflower Spring Bulbs, with the installation completed over a period of just two days.

As well as the area of land around the couple’s swimming pool, turf and bulbs were also laid at the far end of the garden – an area formerly rife with weeds and backing onto a neighbour’s field.

Where grass failed, the wildflower meadow has flourished and this year’s spring and summer season has seen an abundance of ox-eye daisies as the meadow has risen quickly from small to tall, providing food for pollinators and producing a true country cottage garden for Dave & Glynis and their family.

Beautiful meadows in a private Hampshire garden

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