MeadowSow™ Bespoke

Can't find your perfect seed mix? Ask us about our bespoke service.

Our Bespoke service allow us to cater for a wide range of individual needs including special events such as a poppy installation, sites with specific needs depending on soil type or conditions, or for meeting regulatory requirements including Biodiversity Net Gain.

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Key Product Points

  • Customer choice of specific species, subject to availability.
  • Ability to tailor seed mix to meet customer requirements.
  • Ideal for Biodiversity Net Gain targets where specific species are required.
  • Short lead times, subject to availability.

Typical Applications:

  • Any geographical or sensitive region/s requiring native provenance or rare species seed mix.
  • For specific aesthetic appeal in certain areas or designs.
  • To meet regulatory requirements such as BREEAM or Biodiversity Net Gain.
  • Sites with specific requirements such as wet or dry conditions, specific soil types etc.
  • Areas requiring a specific meadow for a special event e.g. Poppy installation for a memorial site.

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We have a structured range of prices for both retail and trade enquiries based on the type of product and quantity. Please contact us for a quotation.

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