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From soil analysis to consultancy, a range of services and expertise to support your project.

Quality Assurance 

Without regulation standards of wildflower seed production ensuring quality can be a challenge. At Wildflower Turf Ltd we offer expert seed testing for accurate analysis of seed quality, undertaken as standard on MeadowSow produced stock. Germination rate testing, purity testing and pure live seed percentage all available.


Seed is stored in temperature controlled optimum conditions for long term viability to maintain quality assurance until dispatch is required.

Soil Analysis

Understanding your soils prior to an install of wildflowers can be a great step towards ensuring a successful meadow establishment. Often utilised in conjunction with our consultancy service packages.


Unsure of how to manage, prepare or install a wildflower meadow? Wildflower Turf Ltd offers a range of consultancy packages in which an advisor will complete a site assessment and produce a report of recommendations for the best method to establish a wildflower meadow. From site visits, to laboratory tests, to pre-site evaluation, our consultancy services provide the assurance and knowledge you need to seed a wildflower meadow successfully.

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Blog: How can wildflowers help reverse the ecological crisis

In the face of the ongoing nature crisis, individuals, communities, and organisations are increasingly turning towards sustainable practices to contribute to environmental wellbeing. One such powerful ally in this ecological battle is the humble wildflower, offering a wealth of benefits to both biodiversity and the broader ecosystem. As a company passionate about environmental stewardship, Wildflower Turf Ltd aims to inspire people to consider the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects of their projects, while highlighting the remarkable advantages…


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